Recovery thoughts way too early in A.M.

Well, it’s official. I do not enjoy having surgery.

Actually I should rephrase. I’m not a fan of the recovery process after a surgery.

Being conked out thanks to the hodgepodge of goodies cascading magnificently from atop a silver tower above me was by my calculations, a good thing. Course, my mind could change depending on the bill Mr. Anesthesiologist decides to give me. Wonder if he’s game to barter…Guess I can’t be too annoyed either way, I did wake up after the surgery. That’s worth a couple bucks. Or a picture signed by the Rock and a guitar I never learned how to play. If he’s cool with bartering that is.

Some people just aren’t built for drawn out recoveries. Anything over a week and I’m climbing up the walls for a change of scenery. Well, I would be if it were possible to move without excruciating pain in the right leg and hip area down through the big toe. It’s a good thing I picked up that old wooden cane before they sliced me up. Certainly worth the five dollars the thrift store was asking.

Eh, I’m just annoyed by the whole thing. Expensive and uncomfortable, but it had to be done. Otherwise I’d be looking at a lifetime hobbling around on the walkin’ stick. A year or two to make a full recovery with no permanent damage was the obvious choice. It would be nice to get more than three hours of sleep before the knives start stabbing and the fiery needles engross my lower right side though.

But, beggars can’t be choosers. I not only had the means in which to protect my health both short and long term, but I live in a place where such a surgery is performed by some of the most skilled practitioners in the world. I would’ve preferred never to have an issue. Don’t know anybody that likes having issues requiring medical attention. Despite that I’m very thankful I live where I do, have the friends and family that support me the way they do, and that the surgery was a success and is now a thing of the past.

Now it’s time to buckle down, stay positive, and recover like it’s 1999.



About caseyjones89

I like to write. To observe human nature. To envision what the future might hold. Fingers crossed for immortality and friendly dragons capable of both speech and interstellar travel.

2 responses to “Recovery thoughts way too early in A.M.”

  1. charlypriest says :

    At least you don´t have a chronic disease like mine(severe pancreatitis, entered in shock in the hospital and stayed there for two months, almost died by the way)so you should feel lucky. I know it´s a pain in the ass, the recovery but hell, I´m glad I´m still running around this world and writing crazy little things that makes me happy. Been only 3 months since your surgery, hope everything looks good and what I have learned for my own disease is although you might feel good one day don´t rush it and overdue things, you´ll end up screwed the next day.

    • caseyjones89 says :

      It’s stories like yours that make me realize how good I’ve got it, compared to 2 months in the hospital on deaths door, I’ll get over not being able to do quite what I used to. Don’t know much about severe pancreatitis but hopefully it’ll quit bothering you.
      You aren’t kidding about overdoing things, figured that out the hard way, a bunch of times.

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