Friends. (The real kind)

My father used to tell me growing up “Son, make all the friends you can now while your young. When you grow up those’ll be the ones you can count on. Real friends.”

Like most advice received in my younger days, it was out the left ear soon as touched the right. Over the years I can see what he means, to a point. The friendships made since high school have all, save for one, fallen apart. Never due to a falling out or anything of the sort. We just didn’t click on that indescribable level. And that’s ok, being a bit of an introvert, days or weeks can go bye where I do nothing but go to the store or back and forth from work. I have enough unfinished stories, books to read, and reptiles to care for that I’m rarely too bored

Seeing that I moved to a new state halfway across the country at 19 as well as the fact that I don’t get out much it’s not surprising that I’m not close with a lot of people in my new home, or my old one for that matter. I have learned the hard way sometimes you have to cut off relationships with people that you may have known since childhood when said people begin to let their choices lead them down a road I cannot and will not follow.

All the memories of growing up together, getting in trouble, and just generally having fun don’t mean anything if said individual or individuals have made and continue to make life decisions that either directly effect you or your loved ones in a negative fashion. Two of my three oldest friendships, 10 years+ were ended by myself. We were all involved with partying growin up to various degrees. One decided to steal from someone I’ve known for a long while and have a ton of respect for. One of the few real friends currently residing in my contact list. Cut him out of my life. The other so called friend of 10+ years steals from my mothers house a month after I leave state. Bam, cut out. And they will never get back in. Once that gate is shut, I lose the keys and weld that sucker closed.

Both have attempted to contact me in the last month which prompted me to write this. No matter how long you’ve known someone, if they are affecting your quality of life due to their poor decisions and lack of ethics or morals, tell them to hit the highway, and find someone else to use.

There are far too many good people out there that would love to be friends with other good folks for any of us to waste our time on the users, the takers, the liars, and the manipulators. Cut that poison out as soon as it rears it’s ugly head in order to make room for the people that deserve your friendship!


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I like to write. To observe human nature. To envision what the future might hold. Fingers crossed for immortality and friendly dragons capable of both speech and interstellar travel.

One response to “Friends. (The real kind)”

  1. poetrycottage says :

    A very honest post Casey … going to pass it along to someone hurting. Thank you so much for following poetrycottage too!

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