A short excerpt from my currently unfinished self help guide.

Chapter: Addiction

1-Everything in Moderation

Whether it’s alcohol, food, or shopping; too much of anything is rarely good. It can be harmful to your body and your wallet. Keeping track of urges via a notebook or computer can give you an honest, accurate look at how often you crave a particular substance or activity.

It’s also handy to keep track of how much you’re spending on non-essential activities. I was certainly surprised when I began to keep track of my smoking habit. The thousands of dollars literally going up in smoke was a big motivator for me to quit. Six months later I’m still smoke free and my bank statements are far more enjoyable to review.

The most important thing I’ve learned about addiction over the years is you have to want to quit for yourself. People can and probably will say you need to quit. To stop smoking, or drinking; to lose weight. I believe if you quit something for someone else, chances are far greater that you’ll un-quit at some point. Live your life for you.


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