Archive | September 2014


Our vision is blurred

The facts aren’t straight

They feed us lies

To protect the state

Of things that are

And things that were

Not what could be

Not how to learn

Muddy the waters

Confuse the minds

Fight the change

Till the end of time



Light shines in

Blinding at times

Makes me wonder

Can we make up for our crimes

I know that we can

But not that we will

I really just hope

We’ll get over this hill


Light of a new day

Stars in the sky

Planes overhead

Cars passing by

Good times and bad times

And those in between

So much existence

Is still left unseen


Boredom and fear

Things left unsaid

A life left unfinished

Hidden in bed

Four walls surround

Protect and maintain

Smother your hopes

And all sense of gain

Escapes within reach

Day after day

So close to life

Yet so far away


Run from the sorrow

Run from the pain

Run from the sadness

Run from the blame

Run from the struggles

Run from the strife

Run for to long

The run becomes life


Saw her today

A smile and wave

Furthest I’ve gone

In so many days

Just sit far away

Smile and wave

And wonder how long

To keep up the charade


Sitting, waiting

Like the big hand

On the clock

For her

The little hand

To pass by my spot


Life, she’s a struggle

A tug and a pull

Stretching our souls

Scratching like wool

In an effort to win

And win she just might

Until that last day

When all turns to night


The battles fought

The battles won

The battles lost

The battles done

Purpose unknown

We battle on

Against them all

Until we’re gone

One of these days now.

My heart breaks

At the broken Gulf of Mexico

My soul it cries

When I think of what we do

Just for a little more convenience

It’s time to think about the consequences too

I wait for the day

I know is coming

When we will leave in peace

With the world around

I know we will arrive

One of these days now

I only hope I’m here

When it comes to be