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The Lark of Snark

The Lark of Snark

Oh where to start

She flits and flaps

Makes snide remarks

Try as you like

She’ll never stop

Just plug up your ears

Don’t take it to heart


Alone together always

Alone together always

Empty full inside

Vibrant living wasteland

Fire earth no sky


A glorious day

In so many ways

The sky she’s blue

With tinted hues

Trees of green

Birds they sheen

The world she brings

Such wonderful things


A place to belong

Nothing more

Nothing less

A place to call home

Family, friends

Safety nest

Universal need

Since time’s

Absurd test


Where time stands still

And battles are a dream

No more bloody hills

No longer young men’s screams

Will our hearts turn to dust

Or swell as they shine

Thanks to the absence

Of what we call time


Can’t pick up and leave

Travel the world

Too many rules to contend

Too many responsibility’s to ignore

Sit and imagine

No struggle or strife

The world unbound

Make it your life


Drag me down

Black out the moon

Toss me through thickets

Wail like a loon

Brush it all off

Heave up from the floor

Laughing in fits

Looking for more