Archive | November 2014

Dark the clouds

Dark the clouds

Pierce the night

Rock the mountains

Blind the light

Mute the madness

Flee the fear

Trouble the worries

Kill the cheer



Floating along

Adrift in the sea

Of the sky of this being

Of whats seen and unseen


A yellow daisy in a field

Not a care in the world

Living, growing, duplicating year after year

A hare eats the daisy

Then fertilizes the ground for the next round

A hawk over the field

Snatches up the hare

Year after year

The cycle continues

Until Manifest destiny decides to rear

It’s ugly head

The destructors swoop in

Slashing and burning

Twisting and turning

The land to their needs

Gone now are the daisy the hawk and the hare


Broken and beaten

A shell of before

This mortal cast

Of flesh and of bone

So brittle a body

But a mind left unchanged

Filled with frustration

At life

Her cruel game