It can bring you up

Keep you going

Give life meaning

Stave off pessimism

But it’s a double edged blade

As I’ve discovered

When you lie to yourself

And use it to cover

Love gone away

Untenable dreams

There is little more damaging

Than false hope it seems


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About caseyjones89

I like to write. To observe human nature. To envision what the future might hold. Fingers crossed for immortality and friendly dragons capable of both speech and interstellar travel.

6 responses to “Hope”

  1. sonshinegreene says :

    But…I do contend, my good sir,
    That there are somethings that are much more a burr.
    For instance, you mention the stigma of false hope,
    I instead offer arrogance upon which people choke.
    For now I think a better message is this,
    Stay humble good people, life isn’t a wish.

  2. sonshinegreene says :

    Seriously though, good poem.

  3. aramsey_poet says :

    Very true! False hope can be a dangerous tool. I like this.

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