Archive | August 2015

Moving Forward

Finally moved on

From the chains of the past

Took far too long

But the weights lifted at last

Focused too hard

On all the mistakes

Became mired in guilt

Built and locked my own cage

Allowed no one entrance

Pushed away those who tried

Constructed a mask

In order to hide

From the me I’d created

Trapped in my cell

Scared and alone

My own personal hell

Till I finally realized

After close to ten years

I’d created said doubts

From my internal fears

I clung to the notion

No one new could achieve

The impossible task

Of loving someone like me

I truly believed

I’d no value to bring

That I deserved nothing more

Than to be second string

Now it’s time to move on

To believe in my worth

To find someone special

To spend life on this Earth


Debt yet unpaid.

The debt’s still not paid

How long must i wait

To atone for the sins

Of a young mans mistakes

When will the past

Let me escape

Will love ever come back

Or is this my fate?