Archive | September 2015


Karma you bastard

Got me again

Think I would learn

You won’t let me win

I get it now

Won’t try anymore

Just leave me be

You’ve won the war





Life keeps on moving

New surprises each day

A mixture of wonder

Sorrow pleasure and pain

Can plan all we want

But can’t change what’s in store

Just take what you get

And be thankful for

The gifts life bestows

Don’t dwell on the pain

Make this life your own

Don’t let others rain

On the parade that is life

It’s yours to decide

Live to the fullest

Don’t hide trapped inside


Fate’s pretty funny

I have to admit

Alone all this time

And ok with it

Then comes a surprise

Half a country away

With a smile that shook me

And still does today

Not quite sure what to do

But one thing i know

Haven’t been this content

Since a long time ago


The moonlight did me in
Shining down from space
Never stood a chance
Once I saw that face


Sad to hear you’ve left

Glad there’s no more pain

Know you’re happy now

Up in heavens plane