Archive | October 2015

I pray

I pray for a slow and painful life

Filled with sorrow and fear

Plagued by memories of mistakes

Up till the very end

Torrential darkness to fill the skies

Rain that doesn’t end

A soul burning flame that licks and blackens

The man whom I have been

I pray no joy breaches

The walls I build within

Keep the light out always

Leave me with my sin

I pray any blessings I might have received

Go to those who’ve suffered thanks to me

Send me all their sadness

And a content man I’ll be

Then perhaps, when it’s over

Sometime down the road

I’ll have paid my debts off somewhat

And salvation I may know



When it rains it pours

When it’s good it’s great

When it’s bad it’s worse

Ain’t no middle ground

Least that’s what I found

Normalcy ain’t where I’m bound

Hang on tight

For the coaster ride




8 years

A night I’ll always remember

Though I’ve tried to forget

Unforgivable inaction

Sealed the better ones fate

Imagine today

If the mistake wasn’t made

The life he’d have had

The price I’d need not pay



A laugh that brings life

To my darkened cell

A smile that I swear

Could save me from hell

A body that I need

To hold close and tight

A soul overflowing

With a beautiful light


Welcome back sorrow

Good to see you my friend

Joy pushed you out

But here you are once again

You always come back

When happy gets bored

And decides to move on

Away from my ward

You find me again

So i’m never alone

Sorrow my old friend

Welcome back home