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All for “Progress”

Don’t speak your mind

Just step in line

Or the thought police will come

They’re hard to spot

They’re quite a lot

Sleeper agents trained in public school

Your life, job, and family are what they seek to wreck

They don’t realize that it’s they themselves the Masters will forget

All for Progress


Rome she is falling

Our leaders they lie, murder, and cheat

Control all the thoughts, news and free speech

In this cute little game, our nation can’t win

The decks are all stacked, we’ve instead welcomed sin

I’m afraid it’s too late, to save what we were

Rome she is falling, to attacks from within


Another day

Another dollar

Another day

Time passes

Slips away


Hope held out

For quite some time

Till I woke this morning

Unable to find

Reason to hold on

To something long gone

The memories are nice

But it’s time to move along


Can the mistakes of the past

Ever be fixed

Can we overcome ourselves

To find that something we missed


This body’s wrecked

The joints ache

The muscles burn

The mind teeters

On the head of a pin

It wobbles but stands

But for how long



Karma you bastard

Got me again

Think I would learn

You won’t let me win

I get it now

Won’t try anymore

Just leave me be

You’ve won the war

The Empty

The empty runs deep

A fissure in time

Numbing the body

Burning the mind

The empty won’t fill

With what lies at hand

The plug for the hole

Tossed way back then


The glass house in my mind has shattered

Surprised it took so long to see the truth

Dreams are just dreams

That’s all they’ll ever be

When you’re too blind to see truth

The empty can’t be filled

By memories alone

Trapped inside the prison of my mind

Now the key is what i have to find


Light shines in

Blinding at times

Makes me wonder

Can we make up for our crimes

I know that we can

But not that we will

I really just hope

We’ll get over this hill